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Building Sustainable Relationships Through Business Connections in 2017

Development efforts that build relationships at the grassroots level yield the best results in the field.  That's why we integrate our projects with into international business networks.  This collaborative model of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a win-win for U.S. companies and communities in emerging and frontier markets as they innovate and work together to alleviate poverty and reduce human trafficking.  To learn how PIER aligns CSR projects with business and community interests, please contact us.  We currently work extensively in Colombia and have completed or are developing CSR projects for U.S. companies with suppliers or customers in Honduras, Costa Rica, and parts of Africa.

PIER Innovation Stops Case of Human Trafficking in Progress 

A Colombian community armed with the innovative Verifica program implemented by PIER Institute has stopped its first case of human trafficking, saving a life and proving the viability of the community-based program. Originally presented as a white paper by PIER Institute at an international symposium on human trafficking hosted by Johns Hopkins' Protection Project, the concept has now evolved into a fully operational program known as Verifica.  Human traffickers prey on the innocent in vulnerable communities, often posing as recruiters with promises of employment.  Verifica exposes traffickers without risk to targeted teens or the community by employing a combination of special tactics.

U.S. companies can sponsor Verifica in any community where a company has an international supply chain connection.  Sponsorship is tax-deductible and can helps a company build strong relationships within a foreign community while adding a meaningful story to its CSR portfolio.  To learn more about this success story, click here.


Indigenous Community Starts Micro-Enterprise to Purify Water
Fall 2013

An innovative indigenous community along the Amazon River now enjoys clean drinking water through a collaboration between the community of Macedonia and PIER Institute.  Using the Healing Waters International system, the community now has a micro-enterprise in place that not only provides clean, affordable access to water but also funds free health and hygiene education for all its members.  Click here to read more...



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In 2013, Colombia's free-market reforms helped attract a record US$16.8 billion in gross foreign direct investment (FDI).

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